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Closet Divider Label Template

You might think that there’s no use in a closet divider label template. After all, aren’t most of them designed to create the illusion of space? Actually, this is a cheap and effective way to make your closets more functional.

If you really want to create a useful and functional closet, you have to incorporate a closet divider. One of the best ways to do this is to use a label template to provide the necessary framing for the edges of the divider. For example, you can cut the template to the size of the divider using a pair of scissors. Then you’ll simply affix it with adhesive to the template.

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When affixing the template to the fabric, you’ll need to get a straight edge. If you have an appropriate ruler, you can affix the template without using any tape. Otherwise, a tape measure will work just as well.

You’ll want to place the template so that the top and bottom edges are almost touching. This will ensure that the templates will actually keep their shape after they’re affixed to the fabric. Now you just need to affix the fabric with the adhesive.

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Now simply cut a piece of fabric the same size as the template, and use the tape measure to adhere it to the fabric. The resulting closet divider will be strong and decorative.

Once the fabric is cut, you’ll need to add the frame around the fabric. This step is especially important if you’re using a pattern. If the pattern includes a template, it’s a good idea to add it before you sew the fabric.

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For a straight edge, you’ll simply need to place a design tag. Make sure the sides are straight; the picture should be facing you. These are simple, yet effective ways to utilize a label template to help you create the best closets possible.

If you’re not using a template, the following steps will help you lay out the fabric and design tags that you’ll need to create your plan. First, you’ll need to determine the dimensions of the room where you’re planning to place the closet divider.

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Next, you’ll need to measure the closet from end to end. Then you’ll need to add about three inches to each measurement to get the space that you’ll need to add a divider.

Next, measure the fabric that you’ll be covering. Now simply cut it to the size of the frame, and use a yardstick to get the exact measurements of the fabric.

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Line up the design tag on the fabric along the frame. Use glue along the edge of the fabric at each end of the design. You can also glue strips of Velcro along the edges for extra support.

If you’re concerned about the tag becoming wrinkled or ripped, you can simply attach the tag directly to the fabric after it’s sewn to the material. To ensure that the tag won’t fray, test the tag on a piece of paper first. If it’s easy to pull off, you can skip this step.

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