Video Editing Contract Sample

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  • Jul 24, 2020

A good video editing contract sample must be a guideline for all parties in the project, it is a great way to start and give detail about the deadlines for the work. You may ask why it is so important to get it out in the open early on, because this will allow you to ask clarifying questions and to get a feel for how the business works and what they expect from you. It is also important to get the paperwork signed before there is any action, as you don’t want to have any conflicts later on down the line.

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If you are a freelancer or you are a small business that just wants to hire someone to do the work, you should make sure that the package includes the following. A cover letter that explains in simple language the reason you are doing the job, your experience and background, and why you should be the choice for the project. You may also want to include a list of references that can be contacted for further information on their experiences with the company. Some common contracts for video editing services include:

Clear instructions document. This is a great way to outline exactly what you will be doing in each of the videos and also what you will be asking them to do for you. This is an excellent document to use with online video hosting websites like YouTube, where users often are asked to simply click on a “like” button or to “tweet” something. These are the kind of things that can cause friction with customers and contractors and may be more difficult to get out in the open as they are for big projects.

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A complete project description for the client to read, including tasks, timelines, and a full explanation of what you will be doing and who you will be working with. A sample will include a graphic of each video, a brief description of each one, and a breakdown of the services that you will be doing. A project description sample should be included if the project is of a large scope and has a lot of information involved. This is the ultimate way to let the client know exactly what is going to be expected of them.

A detailed project timeline for the project. This will be for all of the shots you will be making for the project, how long you will take to do them, and whether or not there will be any parts that you will be taking extra time on. If there are some parts of the video that are going to take a longer period of time to do, they should be specified here. This can be a useful document for contractors and clients alike to look at and to understand where the project is at in terms of completion.

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A copy of the agreement between the client and the contractor that are going to be using to work on the project. This should be able to be signed by both parties, and should be drawn up in a way that is easy to read. You might find that a small font is easier to read and understand. Both sides should be able to read this agreement so that there are no problems when it comes to money changes.

You may also want to include a very basic agreement on how to handle their equipment, as it can get very expensive down the road. It is important to have these clearly understood and to include a few lines that describe how the equipment is handled and a description of how to deliver it to the client.

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In addition to all of this, you may want to make sure that they will answer all of your questions and that you will be able to contact them and hear from them at any time during the duration of the project. It will also be easier to resolve any questions about a specific part of the project once you can see exactly what has been done and what has been left to be done.

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