ATM Contracts Sample

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  • Dec 25, 2018

So why not just purchase the actual contracts, and all that has to go with it, from a financial institution itself? Well, the reason is the Federal Trade Commission made the following laws:

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Among others, the credit card companies are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. This implies that they should adhere to the rules laid down by the government, in order to keep their clientele and to prevent fraudulent use of the money.

The Federal Trade Commission has made rules regarding the interpretation of the law of non-disclosure of money transfer systems. Essentially, when a person has a problem with the money transfer system in question, the credit card company can inform the client in writing and provide a copy of the said contract. The disadvantage is that the contract will be seen as non-disclosure of the money transfer system, since it would be considered as a breach of confidence if the client were to let it know that he or she was aware of the fact.

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The individual can claim a thirty-day hold on the money within which the card will be held until the total balance is cleared. This holds is called a “term security deposit” and is used to assure that the customer will be able to pay back the money on the next payday.

The debit cards are fully governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Therefore, it can be said that there are a number of laws which can be used in dealing with these debit cards, and many of them come into play in terms of the ATM Contracts Sample.

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The whole concept behind the payment for the bank account and the withdrawal can be made through one card, but it may have to be termed non-payment if the cash flow is not able to be established. It is only with a fair amount of cash at hand, that such a transaction can be done. Therefore, the debit cards may have a money-back policy, similar to that which is offered to cashiers.

The contract signed by the consumer should state in bold black letters that: “Pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we will disclose to you our policy for clearing your report in the event of non-payment”. The contract also has to state, “You must execute this agreement (or similar agreement) personally, or have someone sign the agreement for you”.

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It should also state in bold letters: “As the holder of the credit card, you are hereby informed that the credit card issuer may hold a negative balance on your credit card if the facts in your statement do not contain enough information to determine the credit limit or the total cost of the ATM transaction”. In addition, the contract should state that, “The above information is subject to change without notice.” So, basically, the contract needs to be revised with each credit card agreement that is issued, and even though the actual contract is the contract, a few alterations are necessary to satisfy the requirements set out by the FTC.

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