Dom Sub Contract Sample

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  • Jul 09, 2020

The Dom Sub Contract Sample is one of the services provided by the Domino’s Pizza franchise industry. The contract between the Domino’s pizza company and the franchisee group is a formal agreement that outlines exactly what the terms of the Domino’s contract are.

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Some of the terms may seem to be unusual or superfluous to the Domino’s contract, but that is usually because most of those terms are not set in stone, so to speak. There are many terms within a DomSub contract that are guaranteed for all time. Some of the terms included in the DomSub contract include:

The franchise’s profits. Many companies outsource their Domino’s contracts to a DomSub contract company to handle their requirements. It is important to note that the profits stated within the contract are fact, and not just anything specious and fancy invented.

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The franchise manager. This is essentially the person that is authorized to do all the work of keeping track of payments for the franchisee. It is also the person that keeps track of the franchises. He or she is also the one that sign the contract, and as such is the person who must be knowledgeable in the rules and regulations of a DomSub contract.

All sales will be handled by the franchise manager. For instance, if you have a franchise, you can be sure that if you have a shift change, the shift change will be completed with no problems. The job of the franchise manager is simply to ensure that the customer is satisfied, and this can be easily achieved through written directives, or reminders on hand.

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Good work will be done. A DomSub contract should have this word written somewhere. When the contract is well written, it makes it easier for the franchise manager to continue doing his job, as well as the customer.

Insurance for the contract is guaranteed. In order to make sure that nothing unexpected happens during the term of the contract, each franchise agreement is a book of clearances that has to be approved.

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The DomSub contract sample also includes the clause that details how many shifts a particular franchise can have. Most of the time, a number of jobs can be had for a certain number of shifts. However, there can be limitations to the number of shifts and the individual manager will be allowed to decide.

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