Physician Employment Contract Template

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  • Jul 05, 2020

Choosing a physician employment contract template for use by you and your staff members can be difficult. They are the key to understanding exactly what your employer intends to do with your services. The majority of contract templates will provide information on salaries, hours, location, pay structure, holiday, sick leave, etc. However, they will not give you information about legal matters or other additional legal rights that may be included in the legal portion of your agreement.

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When drafting an employment contract, it is important to be aware of where your agreement will end. You may have read articles and seen infomercials in which a doctor or other medical professional wants to offer a program to provide clients with customized healthcare. These programs are often referred to as “integrated healthcare programs”hospice” programs. Most contracts include terms that govern the methods of payment for services and the recovery of fees for patients.

A contract template will list the fees for this type of service. However, if the program being offered does not specify any fees, the contract can contain a clause that allows the physician to set the fees. Additionally, if the program does not require any type of insurance, the physician may charge the client a fixed fee and have it recorded in the contract.

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Some contracts state that the physician must set up a department within the practice for patients to be directed to when needed for routine appointments. Other contracts state that the physician must complete at least one or more office visits per patient, although others will have flexibility on this issue.

A physician employment contract may include the following types of provisions: Terms of Reference, Recruitment and Selection Procedures, Compensation, Emergency Response, Employment, Termination, Transfers and Returns, Insurance, Visits, Sick Leave, and Developmental Stages. All of these clauses are very important for a successful implementation of your program. It is important to understand exactly what you expect your employer to provide.

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An average contract will include a list of seven standard format clauses. These will be followed by a specific agreement to be placed in the client’s file for use in the future. This agreement will detail the services provided and any other terms or conditions of services that may be required.

A physician employment contract may also contain clauses regarding the payment of services, a payment plan that includes lump-sum payments, the amount of money to be received for services, fees that are to be retained by the physician, how reimbursement will be made, and any specific terms of employment such as other employment benefits or retirement benefits. If the physician is not licensed to practice medicine in the state in which he/she practices a special clause must be included indicating that the physician is not qualified to practice medicine and must resign from the practice immediately.

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A physician employment contract is an important document that should include all of the details listed above. Use a template that clearly explains the terms of employment and ensures that it includes all of the items that are needed for legal representation of the program.

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