Actor Contract Template

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  • Jun 29, 2020

Every actor dreams of playing the leading role in his own movie. But most actors never get the chance to do so, because if the film studio or director wants to hire an actor to play the lead role, then he has to be handsome and attractive enough to win the heart of the lead actress. And an actor’s character should be so appealing that the audience will be crazy to watch the movie and forget all about the other leads. Even when a popular actor is not available, then he can be the lead in the next movie.

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An actor contract template, which provides a common framework for all the actors, includes different sections. These sections determine the actor’s salary and the times he has to appear in a particular role. The other sections specify the procedures for auditions, shooting, and post-production.

The first section is the payment section. This section outlines the amount of the fee of the actor, which is applicable for each specific role. The fee can also be called as payment in kind. If an actor opts for an agency for signing the contract, then his fee is in writing. The other way around is when an actor agrees to join an agency.

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The second section is the auditioning section. This section specifies the procedure for getting the roles. There are some actors who prefer to join an agency for receiving their roles and find it easy. If they have to do the audition on their own, then they might feel reluctant and the possibility of the job slipping out of their hands is high.

The third section is the shooting and post-production section. It talks about the specific time schedule for the shooting and post-production of the film. An actor should take the job very seriously as he must ensure that the director does not miss out on any important scene and ensure that the next installment of the movie is flawless. The fourth section is the release clause. This clause allows the actor to make some changes in the work if the director finds it necessary. The release clause does not refer to some changes in the story line, but to some changes in the scenes, which are done according to the script. An actor must not have any objections about the changes, if the changes prove to be beneficial to the movie.

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The final section is the release. The release clause allows the actor to take back the role in case the movie fails to perform well. This clause also refers to cases when the actor will leave the movie scene after some time, as the actor may get tired of the entire process.

An actor contract template should be scrutinized carefully. It should be checked whether the actor is willing to sign the contract or not.

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