Music Gig Contract Template

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  • Jun 11, 2020

Having a music gig contract template can be of immense help if you’re starting up your own online music gigbing business. A lot of people make the mistake of making their own contracts without having the knowledge that comes with learning how to write one. The mistakes they make will cost them dearly and it can cost a lot more than any actual money if your client decides not to honour your contract.

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Wigs come in all shapes and sizes, so what is the key to making sure you get paid fairly and reliably? The key is to be able to write your contract in such a way that it’s easily understood and easy to sign off on. It’s not hard to make a basic contract, it’s quite simple actually. All you need to do is ensure that you put everything in writing.

To make sure that your client won’t forget any of the clauses in your contract, you need to spell them out clearly. If you don’t then chances are they will, and you’ll find yourself back in the same position. There are a lot of templates out there, so how do you choose the right one for you?

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A simple rule of thumb is to take a look at the document’s headline. Is it something that’s simple and easy to understand? If so then it should be your first choice.

Name your term very clearly. Make sure you spell out what it is that you want in writing. Most of the time these clauses are things like “minimum payout”number of days guaranteed”. You can go even further than this and add additional clauses as a non-refundable deposit or an agreement that you will only pay after the gig is completed.

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In a separate section of the document you need to have a list of your terms and conditions. This will include everything from insurance to licenses and the same goes for any performance guarantees you have.

A music gig contract template should also make sure that all the clauses are written in simple language and are easy to read. Too many people write contracts that are difficult to read and which are full of legal jargon that nobody wants to read.

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Never include any clauses that you could be forced to pay something out in the event of cancellation or any sort of refund. It’s really important that you can put those clauses in writing as most people will find out about them anyway, and if you are left with no way of getting the money you’re owed then you could find yourself facing legal action.

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