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Surrogacy Contract Example

A Surrogacy Contract Example is a contract that outlines the terms of a surrogacy agreement between a surrogate mother and the intended parents. The contract generally contains the gestational age of the baby, the name of the intended parents, the amount of time that the gestational period is likely to last, the cost, and the expected date of birth of the baby and any other pertinent information. In the US, surrogate mothers generally sign this document before she delivers the baby.

While a Surrogacy Contract Example is helpful, it is only an example and does not mean that it is the final, binding contract for the surrogate mother to carry out her duties. A surrogate mother may wish to amend the document at any time, in order to make the contract more useful to the intended parents or to accommodate the wishes of the intended parents. For example, a surrogate mother may choose to add a new state law clause that pertains to assisted reproductive technologies. Or, the surrogate mother may decide to add another language or phrase to the contract.

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If the surrogate mother decides to include a new state law clause in the contract, she is required by law to give notice to all concerned that she intends to do so. Additionally, the surrogate mother must allow for at least three days of public comment regarding her proposed amendment.

The contract example should be used as a guide for surrogates who want to create their own surrogacy agreements. But because all surrogates have unique needs, some surrogates may choose to modify or add to the contract.

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One of the most common clauses includes a section on the gestational period, which includes the date of the expected date of birth. Surrogates may wish to make sure that they include the correct gestational period in their agreement, in order to give the intended parents the assurance that their surrogate is providing a healthy pregnancy at all times.

Other provisions may include the cost of the pregnancy and the gestational period. This includes the expenses that a surrogate mother and the intended parents will incur during the pregnancy, including expenses related to doctor visits, transportation, food, and other necessary items. It is important for the surrogate mother to provide the intended parents with a complete description of these expenses in her contract, so that the intended parents can plan accordingly.

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Finally, another section in the contract example of a Surrogacy Contract Example will outline how long the gestational period is. Many surrogates prefer to include a specified number of months in the contract. However, in most instances, it is best to include a range of months in the contract, allowing the intended parents to accommodate the surrogate mother’s changes in personal schedules.

In the end, the contract should contain the terms and conditions of the surrogate mother has agreed to, as well as any additional terms or language that the surrogate mother may want to include. It is also important for the surrogate mother to include a section in the contract that outlines the surrogate mother’s right to withdraw from the agreement at any time without penalty.

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In addition to giving the intended parents the right to amend the contract, the surrogate’s contract should also address the surrogate mother’s responsibilities in the event of the surrogate mother’s death. This will help ensure that the intended parents will not be financially burdened should the surrogate mother’s wishes change.

A surrogacy Agreement should also outline the responsibility of the surrogate mother’s estate. This means that the surrogate will have to ensure that the intended parents’ final wishes are carried out, and that the surrogate mother’s Estate Plan provides the surrogate mother with the ability to handle her share of the estate.

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A surrogate Agreement should also be drafted in a manner that is easy to understand. The intended parents should be able to easily and quickly comprehend what the document states and understand the process of signing the Agreement.

Finally, it is important for the surrogacy Agreement to be drafted in such a way that the surrogate mother has the right to amend it if necessary. Otherwise, the surrogate may find that the agreement will not be enforceable in court. If you need help drafting your Surrogacy Agreement, you can contact a surrogacy lawyer or surrogacy expert for assistance.

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