Co Parenting Agreement Example

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  • Feb 17, 2020

A Co-Parenting Agreement Example is a form of Parenting Agreement, signed by both parents, that sets forth the terms for the child’s custody and parenting time. It can be a formal document, or it can be an informal document that is signed after consultation with a lawyer.

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An example should help answer some questions. In the co-parenting agreement example, there are two names of parents. The first parent is the primary parent, and the second parent is the custodial parent. The terms in the co-parenting agreement should include everything that the parents would like to accomplish as part of a joint custody arrangement.

An example of a co-parenting agreement may also have a “step-parent” arrangement, where the parents agree to jointly take care of a child while they are either being raised by a step-parent or by a court-appointed foster parent. The agreement would state what will happen when a divorce takes place, whether the co-parenting agreement will continue, and when the child will go back to the parents. There may also be terms that specify which parent should have control over the child if the parents get divorced.

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There may also be a co-parenting agreement that will include a provision stating that the children can go back to the custody of one parent only. This might be an important provision if one parent has been abusing the other parent, and it might be a significant factor in determining custody of the child.

A written agreement is a legal document and states exactly how parental rights will be exercised. A parent must provide the other parent with all the information necessary to decide as to how their rights will be exercised. This could include any claims for abandonment that the parent may have, the procedures that will be used in enforcing parental rights, and the procedure for deciding the case. If a parent decides not to be represented by a lawyer, a written agreement that spells out these things is required.

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In a co-parenting agreement, the agreement must clearly state how the child will be addressed during the term of the agreement. For example, is the agreement an “ex parte” agreement, or does it state that the agreement will apply in court?

Parents must ensure that a written agreement does not have more than one parent. For example, in a Step Child Co-Parenting Agreement Example, one parent could have decided to withdraw from the custody agreement when their ex came out and claimed the child as their own. The other parent must be given notice of this action. If this type of situation were to occur it could put the other parent in an extremely difficult position, and there would be no way to determine if the withdrawal was an appropriate decision.

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