Coaching and Mentoring Agreement Template

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  • Feb 08, 2020

A Coaching and Mentoring Agreement Template is a must-have for any coaching or mentoring company. While it is not required that a mentoring agreement should be completed by every person who is mentoring another, it is highly recommended.

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Coaching and mentoring agreements can be created as one-off contracts or can be used as the basis for creating a long term contract with the individual who is mentoring others. A coach’s primary aim is to get the best out of their mentee and also to take them to the next level of their success. For this reason, they mustn’t cause their mentee to make mistakes which may lead to much more serious problems down the line.

Often companies like to create such agreements to help build an environment where a mentor can be successful. The contract will outline the roles and responsibilities of both parties in a mentoring relationship. For example, the contracts will state that the mentor must give the mentor all necessary information regarding their business and plans. The mentee must be able to reach a level of understanding about what the mentor is offering before the mentor approaches them.

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Another benefit of creating a contract is that when a successful mentor leaves the company, the contract will continue to protect the rights of the mentor. It may be possible to add clauses to the contract that will ensure that the mentee is paid for their work, as agreed. A coach would then not need to have a ‘goodwill’ clause in the contract. In most cases, if a mentor leaves the company then there is no goodwill clause in the contract so the coach is obliged to pay the mentor.

The Coaching and Mentoring Agreement Template is very important for any coach or mentor. It outlines the obligations and duties of both parties and allows the mentee to discuss his/her options and feelings about the relationship. It also helps protect the rights of the mentor and puts a bit of perspective on the situation. Any time there is a breakdown in the mentoring relationship, the mentor must have a solid legal relationship to ensure that there are no damages to the rights of the mentor.

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The agreement template will also help prevent any further legal battles between the mentor and the coach. It will help keep the conflict between the two parties to a minimum. When there is a legal issue arising, a good coach will consider bringing a support structure into the relationship, such as a mentor advisor.

These contract can be seen as being the equivalent of a will which a mentor makes for themselves and that they only have to provide to their coach. They may choose to hire another company to write their contract, but the contract must be carefully written, as it will play a very important role in the future success of the coach.

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